Are you a breastfeeding mama?

Being home with our babies 24-7 is an ideal world. But the reality of the matter is, most of us need to work. In order to keep breastfeeding, we need to pump. Pumping and working can seem a little daunting. Some days we feel like we can hardly get through our regular work day never mind adding in pumping to that mix.

Are you wondering how you will manage?

Take a deep breath, mama! It is totally doable. 

I am here to help get you through it. And not just scrape by. I want you to feel super confident when you go back to work!


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You are going to learn how to build that breast milk freezer stash and pump at work like a BOSS!


Get your free >>Pumping Log!<<


Download and print this log to help you keep track of when you pumped and how much you got each time. I created this tool when I started to feel like I wasn’t pumping often enough.

This is a great tool to bring with you to work. When your mind is elsewhere- use this as a reference for each time you pump to keep you on track! 

printable pumping log

It is SO important to make sure you pump enough when you are away from your baby.

You need to be pumping as much as you would be feeding your baby if you were home. On average- this means you need to pump every 3 hours. 


This tool will also let you learn your output trend.


What is an output trend??

Using this chart you will be able to reflect on your pumping outputs and see patterns develop. There are times of day when your output is greater than others. It can be helpful to recognize and understand what your body does.

When you chart your outputs you will be able to spot a decline in your output early. Spotting a decline early is KEY to maintaining your breast milk supply so you can know when to step it up. The sooner you add in a power pump session or two- the better!


For help on Power Pumping read my article >>here<<

I used this technique when my supply had a sudden decrease, which would happen from time to time after working. This technique is perfect for the working mama because it requires less time than the traditional power pumping method. >>Tell me more!<<


I have TONS of other tips for boosting your breast milk supply quickly!

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Now on to building that breast milk freezer stash!





Begin Pumping From Day 1

If your goal is to create a breast milk freezer stash, this is how you do it. Pumping from the get-go is the fastest and easiest way to have a strong milk supply. This will allow you to have plenty of extra milk to freeze.

Be mindful when you are using this technique because you risk potentially becoming engorged and mastitis if you aren’t pumping often enough. Your breasts will be producing more than your baby needs so you need to be diligent in removing the excess milk often. That is the key to your massive breast milk freezer stash.

The more you pump, the more your breasts will produce. 

The fundamentals of breastfeeding and pumping can be summarized in 3 words:


The more your baby (or pump) demand, the more your body will supply. Simple right??

While it is a simple concept, it will take a lot of work. You will want to pump after feedings to tell your body it needs to make more breast milk. Keep in mind- after feedings you generally won’t get a lot of milk out because your baby has just emptied them.

diagram showing a breastfeeding relationship is based on supply and demand


For more information on the foundations of breastfeeding, you should check out Milkology.

This is an amazing online resource packed with information on breastfeeding to get you feeling confident!

I used this course after I had already started breastfeeding, but felt like I needed some reassurance I was doing things right. The course is over 90 minutes of videos that let you go at your own pace. There is also a course specific to the pumping mom at work. 

If you haven’t already, get over to Milkology.org and check out what they have to offer. 

>>Go to Milkology<<


I have also created my own guide to breastfeeding and creating your breast milk stash.

Get it here free! 

>>Boosting Your Breast Milk Supply<<



Planning for Work

Once you have educated yourself on the basics of breastfeeding and you have started to utilize the tips above- you should be feeling pretty good about going back to work. If you start building your breast milk supply while on maternity leave, you will feel much more at ease. Trust me!


Simple Steps to Breastfeed While Working Full Time


Breastfeeding a baby is no walk in the park. Pumping comes with it’s own set of challenges as well. When you combine those two things AND add in the fact that you are working- it can be a monstrous task. But you can do it! 

It takes work and it will take perseverance.
It takes lots of planning and figuring out your body.
But you can be successful!


For any questions or if you are in need of support please email: contact@mindofmom.com

Or send me a message on the form below:


It takes a tribe, mama! Let’s get you to your breastfeeding goals!

xoxo Tazia


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