Babies & Toddlers

When to Start Your Baby on Solid Foods

 The American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization recommend infants start to be introduced to solid foods at 6 months of age. There are many varying opinions across cultures on what is suitable practice, but for the sake of this article I will...

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The Swaddle Blanket Your Baby Will Actually Love

You are either pro-swaddle or your not. Some argue that the swaddle may interfere with the growth and development of the baby's hips and mobility. When used appropriately and done correctly, I see no issue with swaddling. Therefore, I am pro-swaddle. Whether you are...

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Cradle Cap: What You Need to Know

Even before I knew anything about health or babies I had heard of cradle cap. I had heard of it, but that was really as much as I could tell you about it. Most people without knowing any better associate it with uncleanliness. If a baby has cradle cap that...

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Mom Life

Benefits of Baby Wearing

Have you heard of this amazing thing called baby wearing? If you are a new mom or mom-to-be, you need to get to know it.  Benefits of Baby Wearing Babies spend 9 months (give or take) in a warm, snuggly place in our womb being gently rocked with our movements....

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Positive Affirmations for Mom

Most days we are a little too hard on ourselves. Okay, maybe that is an understatement. Mom guilt is a real thing. We feel responsible for everything our baby's feel and go through. And babies go through a lot. It is impossible to be able to get it right all of...

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Top 10 Baby Registry Items

Congratulations on your pregnancy and impending birth of your baby! This is an exciting time for sure, and there is so much to think about (I get it). One of the most fun things you get to do while pregnant is starting your baby registry, but even this can be a...

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Breastfeeding & Pumping


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Why Starting a Blog is Amazing

The world of blogging is huge. It is so diverse. It is even bigger than I think I could comprehend or explain. When I first had the idea to start my blog I did not fully grasp the entire concept of blogging. I wanted to do something to share my experiences and...

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